2005 Dodge Dakota

  • 2005 Dodge Dakota

    Dodge Dakota
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    • Codes for misfires on cylinders 1 and 3 as well as ionization codes. Found large vacuum leak @ corner of intake @ cylinders 1 and 3. Rec beginning with replacing intake gaskets and injector o rings. Replaced intake gaskets and found dead misfire gone but slight miss present @ idle on 1 and 3. Upon further inspection, found the wiring harness from injectors/coils/transmission crushed behind engine against the firewall and in between transmission dipstick and fuel lines running along the transmission. The crushed wiring has chaffed and is causing the injector ground to #3 to be very erratic. If the harness is wiggled, injector signal fades away and then remains on, causing the injector to stay open. Rec freeing the harness, removing and repairing any broken/chaffed wires.
    • INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET – Remove & Replace – V8
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